SKRUK to Moldejazz 2016!

by / Monday, 21 March 2016 / Published in News

SKRUK & Vårsøg meets Sondre Bratland with “Hymns from the west”

SKRUK and Vårsøg released the album “Av moll er du komen, til dur skal du bli” in 1978. This album was a collection of folksongs and hymns from Møre og Romsdal, and was released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted. All the arrangements were made by Henning Sommerro, the leader and frontfigure of the group, Vårsøg.

When the album was released it caused some strong reactions from folkmusicians and the church. This because of the untraditional ensemble; with a “danceorchestra” together with a choir and also with electric piano. This project was refused to perform in Molde Domkirke and Ålesund Kirke among others.

Today, in 2016, most of us will laugh this away, but in 1978 this was serious, and this music was considered a “threat” towards the norwegian musictraditions. Looking back, many has considered this album to be groundbreaking in its way to interpret religious music and folktones in a new way, and has inspired many ensembles and artists to create their own versions of these old melodies.

At Moldejazz 2016 you can experience this project reunited for the first time joined with one of the most beloved norwegian folkmusicians, Sondre Bratland.

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