Prots - foto: Erlend Berge

Per Oddvar “Prots” Hildre (born 23 April 1950) is a Norwegian choirconductor and pedagog. Hildre has founded SKRUK and Det Norske Kammerkor.
He is still a conductor for SKRUK,
and was conductor for Det Norske Kammerkor from the start with fellow students in Volda at the end of the 70s with a very high level of activity, until they finished their work in 1992. With these choirs he has published more than 30 albums, mostly published by Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV). He has also been active as a music producer for among others KKV and Norwegian Film.
He has since 1980 operated as a freelancer choir instructor with workshops and seminars throughout Scandinavia. He has had assignments as an editor and presenter at NRK P2 where he led a magazine program “Tatt på koret” from 1986 to 1992 and a weekly program called “Trallalaprots” in TV 2’s initial phase.
Hildre has also appeared in several music projects abroad, such as the International Music Festival of Baku in Azerbaijan.
Since 1994, he has also been involved in a travel-concept for peope interested in travel and music (Kulturmix).
In 2006 the book “Prots – the choirsorcerer” was released by Enter publishing. It is a biographical portrait, written by Stig Nilsson.


• Det Norske Kammerkor with Hildre as conductor receives Spellemannprisen 1986 in open class
for “Vinjesvingen”
• Award from The State of Louisiana by governor Edvin M. Edwards 1987.
• 1st Prize for choirs in Gothenburg International Music Festival in 1988.
• Award from The State of Louisiana by governor MJ Foster 1996.
• Award from Speaker of the House of Representatives by Hunt Downer in 1996.
• Petter Dass-prisen awarded by the newspaper Vårt Land in 1998.
Ole Viig-prisen.
• Sunnmørspostens Cultureaward 2003.
• Bektas Özen Folkmusic Price 2004 – from “The Association for respect to Art” in Hasanoglan in Ankara
The Choir Award 2010